After a quick start on friday night and some grocery shopping on saturday the final mounting could start off. On the list:

  • SW Motech Crash Bars (via MotoZoom)
  • De Podia (skidplate), Ftero (fender extension) en Radg (radiator guard) (from MotoAgora)

I already installed ‘kloontje’ from the V-strom forum earlier, all that remains to do is a hugger of SDI but first this was scheduled to be put on ๐Ÿ™‚ For more details and pictures follow the link below! Obviouly the other spring and preparations were made so a short (35km) tour just had to be driven! After some exercise on a nearby parking lot, cleaning the brake disks I took off to Utrecht. Stopped at MotoZoom for a new set of thermo underwear and enjoyed driving again ๐Ÿ™‚

While first starting with the crash bars, when looking back I should have installed the radiator guard first (the radg almost didn’t fit through the bars, larger hammer anyone). To show you what I’ve installed (for people that don’t know bikes)

  • Crash bars – the black rods besides the gas tank (first picture under the ‘V-strom’ name, second picture you’ll spot the SW motech sticker still on it)
  • Radiator Guard – not easy to spot but does the same as your cars grille
  • Fender extension – on the second picture you’ll see the extension to the front fender (with the chrome ‘S’ on it) – a regular Strom doesn’t have anything but a black fender.
  • Skidplate (of carter protection) – that’s what started it for me, minimizing risk to damaging the oil or it’s cooling. On the second picture visible as the lowest part on the picture (left aluminum, right plastics)

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