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True, a little puzzly! After 13 and some months its time for 2013! And why would that be of any importance? As we close a couple of kilograms on that one, the exact amount I unfortunately can’t (no, not won’t) indicate, but it’s safe to say its more than 20. Starting at the end of november 2011 and in continuous rate with Snow Vitaal (Snow Vital) and the accompanying goodies this post is a lot lighter to type *G* (the picture below indicates april to november roughly)

Schermafbeelding 2012-12-31 om 19.02.49

A lot of questions as ‘how’ or ‘what could I do’ are raining down. The funny thing is I don’t have the feeling I needed to adjust that much, we did (yes, Marianne too) cut back on shopping juices and soda’s so that was not changeable any longer. The ‘walkabout’ to another coffeemachine at work does only so little so what is there to change? The only ‘real’ thing I quit and had to get used to; no sugar in my coffee. It’s remarkable (yeah, colleagues I know) how bad Senseo than tastes. It goes from ‘OK-ish’ to ‘time for other pads’. And it’s quite remarkable on how easy some things slumber by. More on that after the break!

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Today was a closure day for a number of terrific, exciting, though but also nice, interesting and educative months. After years of doing nothing much (as in, wasn’t allowed to) in sports it’s a pleasure to highlight my new PR on 9km of continuous run with a good pace. For those who followed the tweets and/or run keeper, the continuous runs where few – the HiITS overwhelming (High-intensity Interval Training, see below). It’s like lowering and raising the bar (raising the condition and lowering the boundary on other things) and it feels great.

If everything keeps pacing out after 24 months there will be (again) a nice winnersblog to mention!

Schermafbeelding 2012-12-31 om 19.00.22

For all the readers, friends and/or family best wishes for 2013 and make it a good one!


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Time called … dining out at @03402 and as usual they didn’t let us down. Having you bite in, sniff up or enjoy the hospitality isn’t going to work via internet, so just go to the restaurant in Vreeswijk, but a couple of pictures made the doggy-bag 🙂


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IMG_2350For some nights are more special than for others. A christmas concert, of your partners company and on your birthday. How do they do that (or the christmas dinner for that matter) every year? Nobody knows but its special and funny and best of all, a top gift! This year Rotterdam Sinfonia sounded from its best side even with a gitarist and bandoleon (yes, the one from Maxima’s and WA’s marriage)!

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… candelight! As each year a delight to watch, but walk on please at it was o so cold 🙂 Even that many candles didn’t get you warm on the outside but it’s heartwarming to see what the residents can create each year!

IMG_0262 IMG_0257

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That things don’t get along … well, you do want to become ‘vital’ and have some ‘targets’ and you do ‘calculate’ … despite, that (too!) tight fitting L of february isn’t all that. Fortunately Snow allowed me to swap against an M but I did want to make it ‘hairfree’, which took quiet some time for something that looked ‘pretty OK’ 🙂

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Enjoyed ‘me old choir’ as Multiple Voice (the former Jongeren Koor Odijk (Youth Choir Odijk) where we as 3 friends (later 4) were their band for some years. Very nice to meet everyone again (including one of the former band-members) and hearing the new MV-gospels next to the good old JKO-smashers. Along with raising some money for the benefit (a hospice), very well done!

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