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A short page on the guy behind the blog and informative pages on this site. I’m Tom Scholten (.nu) and a busy little guy. Wether it is ‘dedication-to-the-job’ or free time consuming. On the job, with Snow B.V., i come across various challenges both for the company and her assignments. Starting out as a systems integration specialist, I grew up amongst various Unices and towards networking and storage. My present experience is more on architecture and design in addition to (technical) project management and assisting organizations with process-improvements.

Together with my wife I live in the centre of the Netherlands where we live life to the max. On my free time I already spend over two-and-a-half decades at the Wilhelminagroep, a sea-scouting group in Utrecht.

Then I try to get the most time available for various hobbies including, recumbent biking and all-terrain biking, skating/skeelering, sailing, websites, photography (and editting), video presentations, skiing and much more.


Work related: Professional; Tom Scholten is senior consultant with Snow B.V., a Dutch Technical Consultancy Company supplying specialists in the fields of Storage, Networking, Security and Unix. Part of the works-council since 2006.


Private; Happily married, born mid-70’s and living in the centre of the Netherlands.  Council member of the Wilhelminagroep Zeeverkenners. Member of the Motor Club Nieuwegein. Additionally CoMPa Technology delivers a number of services to various small customers joint by some more professionals.


Proud of; My wife, our cats, our house, my career, achievements my assignments raise for the companies I work for and the various build (and maintained) websites.

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