pauseAs quickly mentioned in the Efteling-post, something about cheating and fries … well, cheating? I’m way beyond the first target set last years november and the target after that also ‘vaporated’ … and becoming more ‘vital’ and ‘thinner’ is nice but it shouldn’t become a bouncy event. So this month slowly started decreasing the movements/activities and looking out to stay on weigh, than after a month or two descend further to the newly set target … what it is? That remains for a smaller audience šŸ™‚



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Well if you buy tickets with some enthusiasm – it should come to it, don’t it. Weird? Apparently more than half of the Dutch citizens had this issue this week as the Efteling was almost full with people quickly getting value for their tickets before the Winter-edition starts. Although crowded it was still pleasant but unfortunately we missed some rides (including Droomvlucht (Dream-flight) but with colder weather and more than an hour of waiting this was ‘too much’ šŸ™‚

We did get our premier time of watching the Ravelijn-show (Ravelin) and obviously our first time (and second time!) watching Aquanura (1x nearing twilight, 1x dark) – so we did cheat and had some fries šŸ™‚ More on that in a later post! To summarize, a day at the Efteling (when its dark early) you better start halfway through the day but as more people do so Droomvlucht and De Vliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchmen) won’t be that crowded at 10 am though. So the choice is yours for next time, we’ll repeat it soon enough, a tip (from Raimond) is to watch Aquanura from the pier, we found standing in front of the restaurant/theater the best choice!



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Just landed, back from the overwhelmingĀ BSDconĀ in Warsaw. A very enjoyable and educative weekend, as expected with (more) Snow-collegaeas this year and even some more (new) Dutch fases of people that have become enthousiastic from the previousĀ BSDcon last year (in the Netherlands). For more information visit theirĀ website!


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I regulary visit, relocate and/or evaluate DataCenters as part of my job. Unfortunately thats unsharable for the majority of the cases as confidentiality is key from vendor point of view. Every now and then there is the possibility of peaking behind the curtains and with thanks of (assignment co-worker) Erik, checkĀ this link. It is very nice that Google even takes it a step further, not only disclosing using video but actually, just like streetview, let you walk through their DC.

So don’t only look at the movie but also checkĀ the linkĀ to theĀ Google DC Streetview! And … may the force be with you šŸ™‚

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Today the closing ride for 2012, or at least, as an officialĀ MCN-drive. Awsome weather, despite missing Ron – but his bike was with us and in the good hands of Henny – thus being there. The nice weather was very welcome and everyone enjoyed … also Syl! She joined in and enjoyed even more (and stuck around to have dinner). A better way to close the season, no way!

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And a lot of them, so Snow BV had to hand out a lot. Snow became 15 and presented clothing for everyone – one of our suppliers had a nice challenge going on and the monthly catering was also present. A nice festive event!

As it was also animals-day, Beertje was enthusiastic enough with the bag that held the clothing šŸ™‚

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