Well, if the  chairman sends the below mail, who am I to decline 🙂

“On august 11th we organize a ‘man-day’ in the
Albert van Koningsbruggen. Would it be possible for you to drive by at about 14:30 so we can show some bikes (5 to 10) to our clients? They would appreciate this very much”

Well, 13 bikes is 5 to 10 right? Arriving at the place we got a delicious cup of coffee (with cake, but something with the Vital project and driving a motorbike isn’t intensive) – and even some snacks were served. Very fun afternoon and they organize these things more often for there clients as there had already been a ‘child’ and ‘mothers’ day in the past months. “Nothing better than sitting in the sun and have someone different for a conversation” as someone I talked with summarized.

Well, words and pictures …

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